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About Skin Smile Clinic

Bhopal’s leading advanced skin care clinic, specializes in all skin, hair, and body care requirement as well as skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing treatments, using only the safest, advanced USA FDA approved machine and technology with most proven treatments in our clinic.
With more than a decade of excellence and trust, we provide world class skin care services in a cost effective manner. Our core philosophy is based on the belief: Healthy Skin, Beautiful Forever! We make your skin look beautiful by making it healthy from inside out. We perform research based treatments so as to provide most effective results to our patients. Hence, we analyze the root cause of all your skin, hair, and body related diseases which helps in treatment working like magic!
The interests and health of our patients is our main concern, we not only provide them best solutions but also impart knowledge about proper skin care and healthy nutrition. The range of our aesthetic treatments will help in retreating ageing effects by enhancing your natural beauty.
Our aesthetically designed clinic has a very welcoming ambiance and is adorned with the latest technology equipment’s for delivering the best results. For all advanced skin and body care solutions.
A wide range of medicated facials, new anti ageing treatment, faster weight loss regime, glow skin is waiting for your arrival in your nearby place that is BHOPAL.

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The Skin Smile Clinic morals is

Patient Care

Patient Care: Our priority is you. There is an art to medicine as well as a science and we
understand that warmth, sympathy and
understanding are integral to patient care.


Your medical condition, treatments
undertaken and test reports are your
personal property, we will not disclose
these to any person.


We are concerned about helping you achieve your aesthetic goals. When there are two
options of equal treatments we will choose
the more cost effective. We have no ‘sales

Latest Safe Technology

We benchmark our services to the Global
best – bring in the latest technology and
procedures. We have U.S.F.D.A. Approved
technologies and machines.

Effective Treatments

We benchmark our services to the Global
best – bring in the latest technology and

Hygiene & Safety

We have full time cleaning staff for ever to
ensure that our clinics are spick and span,
after all cleanliness is vital to maintain high
safety standards in healthcare.

Treat your skin well and it will treat you to compliments.

Recognised as one of Skin Smile Clinic most reputable and innovative aesthetic skin clinic groups The Laser and Skin Clinic truly sets the bar for a next generation of anti-ageing clinics that offer the most innovative,